Firefox lost my bookmarks!!!

Well not really. But that’s sure how it appears. No worries. There’s a remedy. Note that this fix is for Firefox 2. But I think it works for earlier versions.

  1. Bookmarks -> Organize (or Manage) Bookmarks… -> File -> Import… -> from File
  2. Make sure that in Tools –> Folder Options –> View you have show hidden files and folders selected.
  3. Go to the Application Data –> Mozilla –> Firefox –> Profiles folder.
  4. There will be an odd-named “.default” folder.
  5. Inside that folder is a bookmarkbackups folder.
  6. In that folder you’ll find several bookmark-date.html files.
  7. Select the one that is the most recent but still has all your bookmarks.

That should get things right as rain.

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