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Outlook not updating with new emails from Exchange server

Having issues with Outlook not updating as new emails are received on Windows XP? Does an Exchange server host the email? Try adding a firewall exception for Outlook.exe on your client computers. Works like a charm!

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Streamlining Vista

These are the performance tuning steps I usually take after a fresh install of Windows Vista: Disable System Restore Adjust for best performance (System Properties-Advanced Tab, Performance) Disable User Account Control Pick one or the other: Google Desktop or Windows … Continue reading

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Site of the Week for 1/5/2009

This site is great for anyone wanting to learn about digital photography and specifically Canon DSLR’s:

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Anyone out there using monowall as a personal/professional firewall? I’m having great success with it on generic pc hardware and ALIX hardware. How does it compare to off the shelf solutions for you? Have a recommendation for a good pci … Continue reading

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Pick of the Week for 1/5/2009

VMWare Fusion for OS X. It rocks on the Core 2 Duo with 2 – 4GB of RAM.

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Manual Carriage Return on Windows and Mac

I had to dig for the Mac one, so I thought I’d throw it up here so anyone else looking for it would have any easier time. Very helpful in Excel. Windows: Shift + Return Mac: ctrl + option + … Continue reading

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Junk of the Week for 1/5/2009

The Linksys/Cisco SD2008 It’s been in use for a couple of months and can’t establish gigabit connections anymore. Flaky at best. This D-Link has replaced it and is rock solid so far:

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Wireless Repeaters

Does anyone out there use them…or should say, use them well? I have one installed at a client location, but it helps fill the wireless gap that is their warehouse. I stopped in at a new client today and their … Continue reading

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Resurrecting a Pentium 4

Do you have an old Windows XP Pentium 4 computer sitting around that is slow and no one wants to use it? Bring it back to life! Here’s what I did to breathe some life into an P4 2.0Ghz HP … Continue reading

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Windows Vista Movie Maker…how to make a DVD?

Well, I’m sorry to say it doesn’t look possible. If you like using Movie Maker to edit than you can just publish the movie as an AVI and import it into whatever software you want to use to author the … Continue reading

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