Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved: Teardown

Well, that wasn’t easy. I wish I had taken some detailed pictures. I was helping a friend with an SSD upgrade in his newer Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved.

Disclaimer: the following steps document how I was able to open up the computer without damaging it. I make no representations or warranties that you will be able to complete these steps without damaging your computer.

Take a guitar pick or plastic opening tool to pop loose all of the plastic tabs that hold the back panel on. Place the computer face down on a towel and “wedge” the pick or opening tool in between the black plastic back panel and the chrome surround. Start sliding it around the frame and hopefully you will get the feel of the clips popping loose.

Once you have the clips mostly loose all of the way around you’ll need to open up and remove the “stand”. First, remove the base portion of the stand. The black plastic around the stand is actually two pieces. Use your pick or opening tool to separate them. Once removed you will find the screws that hold the stand onto it’s mount that is attached to the back panel. Remove the screws and the stand can be placed aside.

Now you will find 4 screws that hold the stand mount to the display chassis. Remove those screws and then you should be able to lift off the back cover. That was hard enough.

Samsung-Ativ-Curved-PC-3 IMG_4996

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