Streamlining Vista

These are the performance tuning steps I usually take after a fresh install of Windows Vista:

  1. Disable System Restore
  2. Adjust for best performance (System Properties-Advanced Tab, Performance)
  3. Disable User Account Control
  4. Pick one or the other: Google Desktop or Windows Indexing (most Dell computers have Google Desktop installed by default)

These are great actions to take on slower and/or less graphically capable computers. Everything just seems to pop once these changes are made. Far more responsive…and much more of a Windows XP look and feel.

Dell Studio Laptop + Vista Home Premium = Sadness

I recently purchased a Dell Studio Laptop for my mother-in-law and was astounded at the amount of bloatware installed. The computer took a full 20 minutes just to get to the desktop (on a Core 2 Duo with 3GB RAM no less). I can’t even imagine what her experience would have been like if she was starting it up for the first time. Ridiculous. Google desktop, multiple useless dell apps, vista drive indexing, toolbars, macafee….it was a disaster. An hour later and multiple uninstalls and Vista tweaking and it starts up in about 45 seconds.

Compaq V4000 – Slow DHCP over wireless

Install the lastest Intel Pro Wireless driver from here:

Much faster after the update…especially negotiating with an Apple Airport Express.