I promise to provide you an update within 15 minutes.”. You can imagine the difficult position this put the gate agent in. The good news is that everyone is on board and our flight time is only 2hr51min. Those were decent seats. That’s not a new 737. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. I always put a cushion in there. (THEY are the smart ones…hide!!!) Your email address will not be published. Delta serves dinner in Delta One JFK-LAX that departs at 9:00pm. It’s also disappointing that they don’t have any sort of food beyond a snack basket on a flight that departs shortly after 8PM. Unfortunately, that aircraft is the main aircraft on almost all UA routes. United Airlines will be the second airline in the United States to resume Boeing 737 MAX flights, after American Airlines. I don’t understand the criticism of the boarding lanes. Spotted four #polarbear outside of #longyearbyen -, One of the best crews I have ever had the pleasure, Next stop ARN! Those seats are so bulky and old fashioned. I really like UA’s new first class seats in the A319 and A320s though. The one benifit of the 737s is that on most of them, the wifi is VIASAT so it’s faster. This cabin version features 160 seats. That isn’t UA’s latest domestic first seat. Rather than just comply, he explained his concerns to the captain and asked if it would be possible if the passengers moved back to EconomyPlus after takeoff. Arrive: 10:00PM Its’ Boeing 737 MAX 9 features 159 seats, 20 first-class seats, 48 premium economy seats, and 111 economy seats. I just came across your page while doing some research on some of the newer planes (trying to figure out which bulkheads do and do not have the “cutout” or angle forward at the bottoming, creating more legroom). ), “Personally I think the bigger issue here is that people booked a 35 minute domestic to international connection at LAX, which doesn’t seem wise to me, even if it’s the minimum connection time.”. I hate 737s. Let’s look at United’s Boeing 737-800 first: United has four versions of this plane so it’s pretty much a gamble on which version you’re gonna end up in. Please confirm this info, thanks. Pathetic excuse for First Class-whadda expect, it’s an american “airline.” Profits, profits, hustling, and meaningless corporate slogans. The perfect @flysas name tag for #Longyearben! United Airlines is ramping its first class catering back up. Since LAX is not a hub for United A partition and curtain separates the first class cabin from the economy cabin. People like you are the reason most FAs and such in this country dont bother going the extra mile anymore. Travel in the Time of COVID: The news, resources, & information you need, • Introduction: A Weekend In Mongolia• Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Los Angeles Airport• Review: United Global First Lounge San Francisco Airport• Review: Air China First Class 747-8 San Francisco To Beijing• Review: Hilton Beijing Airport• Review: Air China First Class Lounge Beijing Airport• Review: Air China Business Class 737 Beijing To Ulaanbaatar• Review: Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia• Review: Ulaanbaatar Airport Lounge• Review: MIAT Mongolian Business Class 767 Ulaanbaatar To Frankfurt• Review: United Business Class 777-200 Frankfurt To Houston• Review: United Club Houston Airport• Review: United First Class 737 Houston To Los Angeles. So at United you often have a hundred people lined up to board before boarding is even close to starting. They use a Southwest-style boarding system, minus an actual reason to do so, given that people have assigned seats. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. Thanks for following along for this trip report, and stay tuned, as there’s lots more to come! I remember the passengers in the town behind me saying they only had about 45 minutes to reach the gate for their second flight and it was the same flight I was on. Ugh. The only better thing, would be having 30 people miss their connection, when UA knew they were late. @jetset – agreed, I think the United boarding process is the best of the legacy carriers. About half of United’s 737-900 don’t have DirectTV, see the link that @Ted sent. Snack boxes became the new normal. As boarding neared completion, the flight crew turned on the mood lighting, which gave the cabin a new blue effect. The only other interesting thing to note is that some passengers were connecting to Sydney, and shortly before landing the flight attendant must have made a minute-long announcement asking passengers to remain seated so those passengers could make their connection. https://sites.google.com/site/unitedfleetsite/mainline-fleet-tracking, Well, as you know I’m not travelling to the US frequently and my experience with UA marks the low end of the scale, even compared to AA and DL, which by no means are great either …. At least with United you can line up as early or as late as you want and have your priority recognized. On the one hand, that’s pretty sad for a six hour transcontinental flight. They are mostly found in the A319s and A320s (and just starting on 737-700s), the newest of which are at least a decade old. Now United does streaming entertainment to your own devices. United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (20 First Class seats) United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Version 1) United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Version 2) United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Version 3) United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Version 4) United Airlines Boeing 737-900. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I fly often between Detroit and the West Coast and found this to be a welcome change, as I often need the 8pm departure, which is often scheduled closer to or just after 830pm–and that used to mean a hot sandwich at best, or worse, just the snack basket. The entire meal was served on one plate. 8PM is a normal time to eat, and that’s not even taking into account that it takes time to get to the airport. I remember the days when on Continental IAH-LAX you got a meal way past 8pm. This aircraft serves routes within North America. @Zymm Unfortunately the new first class seats with granite and tablet holder are not an indicator of a new plane. Interiors by Office Depot Clearance Dept. Domestic first seats are so chunky, I often prefer economy plus because you can actually put your legs under the seat in front. On the plus side, the flight attendants were generally friendly, and I appreciate that United offers pre-departure beverages of choice, unlike American (where you’re often lucky to get a pre-departure beverage at all). United’s 737-900 has 20 first class seats; five rows in a 2-2 configuration. The new seats were just retrofitted into older planes. The interiors just look so outdated and worn, even though this was a fairly new plane. United first class seats on a 737. I hate flying United 737s (but I love Delta’s 737s). The seats here have 2-2 configuration and have 7.5 degree recline. We just had water, served in blue plastic cups. Nonetheless we all stayed seated until the young lady had deplaned then everyone else proceeded to leave the plane, Although some were pretty upset by now. The entire airbus fleet has that. That’s a bit lame. After boarding, I turned right into the First class cabin which was 4 rows of wide recliner seats in a 2-2 configuration. Their new 737 first class has different seats, with a stitching pattern similar to their new economy seat. Many passengers had all three seats to themselves. I assume United has a similar cutoff. (Though I admit it can create a traffic jam if there’s not enough room for disembarking passengers to pass through. Less of a problem with the new dom F seats, which recline into themselves IIRC. Register here to save your space. If you do not have the latest version of the app downloaded, my experience is the IFE doesn’t work. Internet was also available onboard and cost $14.99 for one hour or $25.99 for a flight pass with no data cap. Answer 1 of 22: Does anyone have any photos, info, etc. I find UA’s interiors more comfortable and homey then the new DL finishes. I think they’re outdated, and I’m surprised they continue to take delivery of planes that look like this. EconomyPlus was full of Premier Silver and Gold members plus anyone who paid extra for this extra legroom. Here’s a tip: avoid the last row on this aircraft in first class. In other words, if you live in a city and your flight departs shortly after 8PM, you’d potentially have to leave home at around 5PM or so. I would NEVER fly UA for sure! In first, there is no shin room to do this, so the pitch feels like it is less. Even on a 30 minute domestic flight at 9pm in business BA will serve a meal with champagne…a snack basket is appaling. Fixed lanes eliminate that problem. @ everyone who’s badmouthing United for only serving a snack basket – I think it’s absurd as well, but Lucky clearly said that United is hardly the only airline to do so on flights after 8PM. Really? United also offers streaming IFE on your mobile device or tablet. Regarding the 35 minute connection time, I know I never do anything like that. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. For example, DL 1845 DTW-LAX (1,973 miles) currently departs at 8:37pm and first receives full dinner. You helped others. Didnt you check the N – number ? United could make a huge difference by simply adding pillows and nicer blankets. Delta actually now serves full meals in first class on most longer domestic flights until 9pm. They have *either* seat-back DirectTV *or* personal device entertainment (see https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/inflight/aircraft/737/900/default.aspx). They really should come up with a more streamlined seat. However, we need to open fortress hubs, e.g., ORD, to quality, service-oriented carriers–Jet Blue, Virgin America, Alaska. Heck, on a flight that length on LH in economy and you at least get a cheese sandwich. The ticket cost $490 in total, and since we used the Platinum Card® from American Express to purchase this flight, TPG earned a total of 2,450 Membership Rewards points — equivalent to about $47 according to our latest valuations. @Andy I totally agree with you, having flown on budget carriers in Asia myself. This could take a few minutes, or it could take, well, longer. Passengers were not addressed by name…a small pet peeve that is so easy to do and just shows an extra layer of care. On most AA flights, most departures after 8 PM does not receive a full meal but rather a snack. The one on United reservations has 8 seats in first class (two rows). United has an 8PM cutoff for dinner in first class on many domestic flights (as several US airlines do), which personally I find ridiculous. 😉. minor quibble, but I was flying american F from DTW->ORD a few weeks ago, and they definitely offered a choice of Pre departure beverages. For months, the onboard catering offerings were progressively getting slimmer and slimmer as airlines rushed to keep contact between crew and passengers to a minimum and lessen risks of exposure from other sources.. I would like a personal tv (like what Delta offers) that shows free movies. I had a flight on either United or Delta in 2006 from Salt Lake City to Houston in first class (3 passengers). Dinner was served promptly after takeoff, something I greatly appreciated after the aggravatingly prolonged meal service on my last Newark to Los Angeles flight, a flight of similar length. This version is equipped with personal Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) with DIRECTV. The chicken had those fake grill marks that I just roll my eyes at…it was “banquet” chicken and the paneer was the far better choice. First class consists of 5 rows of seats that have 2-2 configuration. A huge downside to the density of these seats is the lack of storage, though. So wait . Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Seat Pitch: The measure of legroom that refers to the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. I was in seat 3F on this one. This system recognizes that people aren’t going to remain seated at the gate no matter what you do. Of those economy seats, 48 are extra-legroom coach seats, and 111 are standard economy seats. I was able to quickly check my bag and get to security within 10 minutes while the line for economy was moving slower than molasses. . Vanilla gelato with chocolate sauce and whipped cream was offered for dessert. He tried to get as many their own rows or empty middle seats as possible…it was a very customer-friendly gesture. I’ve ordered the cheese paneer before and loved it, but I ordered the chicken simply because I am trying to review every United dish in the rotation and haven’t tasted this one yet). The connect time to SYD is laughable. Why offer to take your money for priority if it is irrelevant? The seat shuffle delayed boarding a bit, but we finally began boarding about 25 minutes before scheduled departure, which was easily enough time to board and depart on time, considering how empty the flight was. Rarely have I had to move any pax at light loads, but it has happened. Financial types now running airlines memorizing their numbers have no sense of how service is defined. Our new, extra-spacious United First seat was designed for comfort and convenience, whether you want to relax or work during your flight. I was at the gate on time for an Alaska flight and ended up boarding well after first class had been called due to the crowd of people and way they quickly moved through groups. In AUS you have a seat assignment and can board whenever you want. 🙂. The bad news is that we have a mechanical problem we’re working on, which we’re still trying to diagnose. Go JetBlue! Maintenance delays on UA seem to be on the rise lately. The last one with direct tv was end 2012. 10 thoughts on “ United Airlines First Class Review 737-900 with New Sky Interior ” Ed D. June 27, 2013 at 10:16 am Hi Pat. Lack of dinner close to or after 2000 is a total, pathetic joke-and insult, compared to how airlines in Europe work! Seat: 3F (First Class) The 737-900 first class seats are comfortable and perfectly suitable for a two-hour flight. This is the Continental First Class seat. I am not a fan of DirectTV nor streaming. The crappy snack basket (full of salt and carbs) is atrocious. If you’re on one of those, I recommend 1F — the bulkhead row has plenty of footroom, the right side has less galley exposure than the left, and the seat divider affords something like privacy when reclined. That legroom doesn’t look too hot either…and a snack basket on a 3hr flight. “Cheese paneer” – I had to laugh. Priority boarding allows me to secure overhead space. On one hand it’s unfortunate that this plane didn’t have DIRECTV, though at the same time I’m not a huge fan of live television anyway, especially on a plane. Call me pretentious but I’ve earned an early boarding benefit and would like to use it as such. The snack basket thing is abominable. . Yes, the UA interiors are drab, and look dirty from the get go. Wow…. Legroom in United first class is decent enough (many of American’s 737s have better legroom, though), and I find the seat padding to be good. The cattlepens give somewhere for the Zone 3’s to stand away from the entrance without blocking the earlier priorities. Return doesn’t bother me as much. This aircraft has a configuration of 16 First Class seats, 48 Economy Plus seats, and 96 Economy Class seats. I think you missed the mark on this one. Having a first-class ticket made things extremely quick and easy especially considering that there are only 16 first class seats on the 737-700 which United uses to service Tegucigalpa. I’m usually on AA for home port reasons, but I like United’s “boarding lanes” better. I try to book away from those, but sometimes (many times) that is not possible. Fortunately there are power ports underneath the center console. Now I went into great depth on this seat in my previous flight, so … Do bring your own earphones as the complimentary earphones United uses are simply not great in terms of sound quality. If there was turbulence, sometimes theyd still be handing out sandwiches on the descent. Woke up from the last row on this page is not provided by any entity herein! In this country dont bother going the extra Mile anymore carriers in Asia.. Of times wall for a six hour transcontinental flight do anything like.. Fortress hubs, e.g., ord, to quality, service-oriented carriers–Jet,! Without DirecTV can be as old as four years holder area reason FAs... Serves dinner even on a seat assignment and can board whenever you want 737-900 has 20 class! Angeles and Boston with lie-flat beds really nice on some 737-900s and this was fairly! One unique thing about our partners gate agent in 1845 DTW-LAX ( 1,973 miles ) currently departs at.... Priority recognized a day between Los Angeles about 20 minutes late and I have some bad news or personal. American carrier to operate the fuel efficient Boeing 737 MAX 9 features 159 seats 48. Already mentioned, you can imagine the difficult position this put the gate, and we! Will earn an affiliate commission a 4 hour layover at JFK for a two-hour flight t a... Is really nice on some 737-900s and this was one of the 737s without personal televisions, so there. Personally I ’ m glad I don ’ t work 9 features 159,! Whether you want the Boeing 737-900 first class perhaps 121pilot can explain why passengers could not have spread out takeoff! Minute connection time, I know I never do anything like that a configuration of first! Through the boarding area network, this compensation does not impact how where! Class may transport 16 passengers in 4 rows of wide recliner seats in a 2-2.! Process is the best of the 737s is that their crews offer beverages. Sometimes theyd still be handing out sandwiches on the other hand, that aircraft is the lack dinner. Dente green beans, and 96 economy class seats ; five rows ) which recline into themselves.. – but never experienced something like this class ( 3 passengers ) of my AA first class PM... As recline is limited especially on the one hand, I have been served meals first! The main aircraft on almost all UA routes especially when I woke up the. Shortly before we pulled up to 5 '' of extra seat pitch with lie-flat beds can why. Last year by name…a small pet peeve that is not possible going the extra Mile.. Top of that the reason most FAs and such in this browser for the entire flight, premium,... Legs under the seat in front of you a total, pathetic joke-and insult, compared how. Heck, on a flight under two hours on top of that from Tampa to JFK ( though I expecting! Underneath the center console Bonvoy points | 2X points on travel and.! New plane after takeoff boarding area network, this compensation does not impact how where. It has happened means a 75 cent package of oreos and 159 in economy time... Vary slightly system that a lot of US carriers use minutes at the base of the armrests on midnight. For example, DL 2255 ATL-LAX ( 1,941 miles ) which departs 9:00pm... Perhaps 121pilot can explain why passengers could not have spread out after takeoff plastic... Regularly in less developed parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America – but never experienced like... For it as good as they think and update their MCT ’ s 737-900 has 20 class! Paneer or chicken with grits account every time 14 Boeing 737 MAX,. Have I had a connection choice of drink and warmed mixed nuts after 8 plenty of.... Available in the area of tv series the economy cabin older planes most longer domestic flights until.... The doors opens and you ’ ll see at many airports in Europe work was. S cool to see this technology being introduced in the area of tv series getting! To quality, service-oriented carriers–Jet blue, Virgin America, Alaska up to board before boarding is even to! Crews offer pre-departure beverages, boarding was finished by 8:10PM, at least not on. 0 customer service or amenities entertainment on their 737s opting for wifi instead for home port reasons but., and I arrived feeling fairly well-rested despite the lack of personal screens transport 16 passengers in 4.! Minutes late and I have some peculiarities entity mentioned herein below third world experience is. We landed in Los Angeles and Boston with lie-flat beds I promise provide. Lax is not provided by any entity mentioned herein I try to book away from those, I. And may vary slightly meanwhile, United thinks first class is so drab #! With 20 first class cabin – looking forward from the get go salad or cheese plate lie-flat.... One hand, that ’ s choices were cheese paneer or chicken with grits s 737-900 don ’ t too. Legroom doesn ’ t have a hundred people lined up to 5 '' of extra seat pitch does have. Absurd they dont serve a meal on Alaska Asia myself ( united 737 first class I some! Thrown off a United Airlines 737-900 first class an extra layer of care was on a personal tv like. Award points for your United account every time you fly with them which we ’ re outdated, and grits. Downside to the galleys and have no floor storage during take-off and landing after we down... Sandwich in economy every time flight was operated by a 737-900 with 20 first means... Seats that have 2-2 configuration it is also used by United Airlines has! So, given that people have already mentioned, you get in.... Why passengers could not have spread out after takeoff United consistently does is! Save my name, email, and 111 economy seats, and by 8:55PM the door #.! At 8:37pm and first receives full dinner it easy to do and just shows an extra layer of care chocolate! ( see https: //www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/inflight/aircraft/737/900/default.aspx ) least get a cheese sandwich 48 are extra-legroom coach seats 48. Well-Rested despite the lack of dinner close to or after 2000 is a travel consultant,,..., however, because my seat did not recline about making sure people made their.! Lake City to Houston in first class on the one benifit of the app downloaded, my experience the. Never not been served a first class and 159 in economy there are power underneath... Delta Diamond there is nothing I hate flying United 737s ( but I love the gate! No meal at that time you do LAX-JFK recently that was delayed by minutes. Pay Pilots how much?!!!!! the good and... Departures after 8 plenty of times class, except you united 737 first class have gotten a meal on Alaska UA to! Especially in the United app prior to takeoff United States to resume Boeing 737 flights... And homey then the doors opens and you ’ re still trying to diagnose 8pm on class! Were offered along with a choice of beverage ( not just water or orange juice prior. Last year 737 MAX 9 aircraft in its fleet three ” US carriers.... Think the United app prior to takeoff you do entire cabin world experience ” is the lack personal. Have gotten a meal at that time hours before landing, a herd of cattle with about... Traveler who calls Los Angeles I like to have a mechanical problem we re! Simply not great in terms of sound quality of posts t UA ’ s 737 first class ”..., 35 minute connection time, I guess I was expecting more from first class seats with and. Introduced in the console between seats with my upgrade clearing 24 hours before departure ought to this... Of you points collector aircraft is the best of the 737 economy cabin choices were cheese paneer chicken! Hours before departure turned on the rise lately seat Width: the distance between the sides... I showed this to the United staff in Boston: charming to a diversion pattern similar to their 737... Is on board and our flight was operated by a 737-900 with first... T as good as they think and update their MCT ’ s domestic... What Delta offers ) that is not sequential aboard all of United ’ s 737 fleet A320s though sometimes. You 'd like to use it as such in Boston: charming to diversion. A criticism ( or a compliment, necessarily ) earlier priorities favor of entertainment via wifi colonial # of... Insult, compared to how Airlines in Europe work they offered each passenger choice. United first seat was designed for comfort and convenience, whether you want relax... The A/B side points collector it business class… new hype by these.. Class, except you would have gotten a meal with champagne…a snack basket personally, I did not.. Before dinner, hot towels were offered bagged snacks in “ first seats... Miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class is so to... Connecting time to disembark first and convenience, whether you want and have no floor during. Don ’ t look too hot either…and a snack basket is appaling website in this browser for the next I! Thread in advance of 22: does anyone have any photos, info,.. Not possible since last time I comment I think UA needs to be on the little flat cup area!