Aeotec has also announced a door/window Sensor 7 with a design similar to Fibaro’s that is coming this summer. However, its accompanying magnet is black and stands out like a sore thumb on a white or light-colored door. This does … We also like how the LED changes color based on ambient temperature (a sliding scale from yellow, green, to red-hot!) 48 Don't use six separate hardware devices when the Multisensor 6 has them all. This great detector from Ecolink offers a five-year battery life (the best of the bunch) and flush or corner mount options. Best Overall – Ecolink Z-wave Plus Motion Detector. So while we focused on the function each one does best, depending on your needs you may get lucky and have one product that can handle multiple functions. Use your own motion to activate other smart devices in your home (say a lightbulb activating as you walk … Aeotec’s MultiSensor 6 does it all (except let you turn off its piercing LED light). This feature-packed option from Aeotec offers not only motion detection, but also temperature, humidity, light, UV, and vibration. Smaller but a bit uglier and flimsier than its bigger brother, the Aeotec TriSensor is a good option if the MultiSensor is not available or you’re looking to spend less and don’t need humidity monitoring. Getting Started. *At the time of publishing, the price was $60. Not all functionality from the Classic app has migrated to Samsung’s app, so to access some device settings, such as motion sensitivity, you may need to also use the Classic app. Most sensors operate over Z-Wave or Zigbee, two common smart-home wireless protocols. This sensor is more expensive than the others but that's because it combines a motion sensor with a light that can be controlled by touch, voice, or remotely using the app. We determined that, in most cases, devices offering both tape and hardware mounting options were best, because you can use the tape to find the right spot and then secure the sensor properly with hardware once you know you want it to stay. Motion, contact, and temperature sensors act like the eyes and ears of a smart home. Aeotec offers a more traditional door/window sensor (Gen 5) but it’s not Z-Wave Plus–compatible. SmartThings Motion Sensor. The current model seems to have problems, so we’ll test the new version when it’s released. Aeotec TriSensor, Z-Wave Plus S2 Enabled Zwave Motion Sensor, Temperature, Light Sensor, Work with Zwave Hub Smartthings 3-in 1 Security System, Battery Powered 4.0 out of 5 stars 158 $44.99 $ 44 . They integrate with other smart devices to trigger things like lights, plugs, speakers, and thermostats based on condition changes. A hub connects otherwise-incompatible smart-home devices but for most people they’re no longer necessary—Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri do the job fine. While you may not be living with baby chicks in your bathroom, this type of automation could also be applied to a greenhouse or a wine cellar, beer cave, gallery, or any similar area where slight changes in temperature could be problematic or even catastrophic. With SmartThings, your home becomes a connected space that makes your life simpler, safer, and more entertaining. An inexpensive, good-looking contact sensor—it detects when a window or door opens—and one of the smallest models we tested; it also senses temperature and vibration.]. The one downside we encountered was when testing the vibration sensor feature for use in a SmartThings’ Door Knocker automation, which sends a push notification if someone knocks on your door. Its versatile design means you can also mount it in the ceiling or power it with a USB cable and an AC adapter and never have to worry about the battery running out. Out for a run? The Schlage / Nexia motion sensor is also indoor use only. At $20 as of the time of writing, the tiny Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (Zigbee) does a lot for very little. Place them on curtains, gates, fridges, drawers, medicine or liquor cabinets, pet doors, garage doors—anything you might want to know about being opened, left open, or accessed. A large, configurable LED provides an extra layer of information without your needing to open an app. Here’s a quick rundown of what each of those types of sensors can do: Small, battery-powered devices that can mount to a wall or ceiling or sit on a flat surface, motion sensors are useful for triggering lights and/or smart-home routines where multiple devices are daisy-chained together. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. This portable sensor from GE can be placed on a table, shelf, or anywhere you need to monitor — and then easily moved to another location. Aeotec TriSensor, Z-Wave Plus S2 Enabled Zwave Motion Sensor, Temperature, Light Sensor, Work with Zwave Hub Smartthings 3-in 1 Security System, Battery Powered 4.1 out of 5 stars 165 $44.99 $ 44 . It also allows a slightly wider gap than the SmartThings Multipurpose, up to 5/8 inch, but the small magnet has to be placed in precisely the right spot for the contact to occur, making it more finicky. Its main purpose is as a contact sensor, so you can easily stick these slim sensors anywhere and they’ll detect when a door, window, or drawer is opened or closed. … The unique round design makes it easy to tuck the Fibaro into corners or awkward spots, and its mounting bracket was the smallest of all the devices we tested, attaching to the wall with one screw (or double-sided tape), plus you can use the bracket to stand the sensor on a flat surface such as a table. The most expensive device we tested, Fibaro’s Z-Wave motion sensor has a 23-foot range and adjustable motion sensitivity to tailor it to your home. That may be because they required device handlers, weren't Z-Wave Plus–compatible, were overly large with a dated design, or had lots of poor customer reviews for things like battery life or customer service complaints. The SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor costs just $20 and can use temperature and vibrations in addition to contact as a trigger. Both the Fibaro Motion Sensor and SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor also monitor temperature, but if you are looking for a device specifically for temperature control, we like the Aeotec Multisensor 6, which, as its name suggests, is a 6-in-1 device: it monitors light, motion, humidity, UV, and vibration, making it a good accessory to any Z-Wave thermostat or sun-blocking smart blinds, or to monitor temperature and humidity in a sensitive room. That can be as simple as sending an alert to let you know that a door opened, or more complex, like having a pet door closing trigger a smart-home routine. Read more here for tips on using sensors within a SmartThings system. With a 25-pound and 60-pound canine in our test household, the motion sensors always picked them up. SmartThings. No more key-fumbling with Yale Assure Lock . Initially, devices may need to be closer to the hub, but the more devices you add, the further your network will extend, as both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices can act as repeaters, creating a mesh network in your home. Back to products. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is easy to install and use, and it saves energy and money. We evaluated design, build quality, and size as top priorities. To test it, we created a welcome-home routine that turned on a hallway light and Sonos speakers when the front door opened between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. We set the time condition to only play once and the light to turn off after 10 minutes. LEARN MORE. It doesn’t come with both; you need to choose which you want when you purchase it (or buy the additional mount separately). A crucial factor for sensors is battery life, the source of the biggest number of complaints in user reviews (those little guys are expensive). Our two modest gripes were that we were unable to customize the LED color to indicate a status change beyond the built-in temperature indicator, though we learned that is a limitation of SmartThings and not Fibaro. It has a great battery life and a 45 foot range, but its touted pet immunity failed in our testing. Confoundingly, SmartThings has two apps: the Samsung SmartThings app, and the SmartThings Classic app (a legacy app from before Samsung bought the company in 2014). To test the device, we set up an automation to monitor some baby chickens we were caring for. You can, however, view all sensor activity in the history tab. With stiff competition in the mid-range market, it's clear that Samsung wants to compete and the S20 FE is fantastic. Position one part on the movable section of your door, window or drawer, and the other on the static side (technically it doesn’t matter which goes where, so you can choose whatever works best for your situation). Aeotec TriSensor, Z-Wave Plus S2 Enabled Zwave Motion Sensor, Temperature, Light Sensor, Work with Zwave Hub Smartthings 3-in 1 Security System, Battery Powered 4.1 out of 5 stars 171 $51.48 $ 51 . It’s a good motion sensor, like the Fibaro and Samsung sensors, but it’s our pick as a temperature sensor because it can be powered by USB cable, unlike the others, and the included adjustable mount allows for consistent performance, making it the best, most fail-safe option for monitoring spaces where temperature is critical, such as a crib room or a wine cellar. SmartThings is compatible with a wide range of Z-Wave and Zigbee sensors (see a list here). We mounted the sensor to the side of the brooder, directly under the heat lamp, and set two custom routines: one to tell us if the temperature was equal to or below 94 degrees (our Sonos speaker would say “Chicks are cool” and a lamp turned blue), and one to tell us if the temperature was equal to or above 103 degrees (the speaker would say “Chicks are hot” and the lamp turned red). We also liked the ability to set a motion detection blind time (so a routine set to run more than once wouldn’t trigger just a few seconds later), which only the Aeotec Tri-sensor and Multisensor also offered (see the competition section). Thanks to their small size and long battery life, sensors can generally be placed anywhere. Sensors are also excellent security devices: with SmartThings, you can select a Smart Home Monitor automation that sets all your contact sensors to send you an alert if one is triggered when you aren’t home. All the contact sensors we tested were able to trigger this routine, but SmartThings is our pick for the combination of its simplicity, design, and price. You're in luck because we picked the best you can choose from. Learn more. Contact sensors have two parts, a sensor and a magnet, that attach to either side of a door, window, cabinet, drawer, or anything that opens and closes. You can follow him on Twitter at @jeramyutgw. Motion Sensors for Samsung SmartThings When the contact between the sensor and magnet breaks or is re-established, a trigger occurs. If you're picking one of these awesome new devices up, make sure you pair it with a case to keep it looking awesome.
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