Kids, kids, kids…

So, I was working on a Core 2 Duo iMac that was “slow” and had a non-functioning Superdrive. After ordering a new drive that showed up DOA, I decided to crack open the old drive. Low and behold, there was a random piece of inch long plastic gumming up the works. Pull it out and voila! Working Superdrive.

Kids do the darnedest things…

Can’t install Windows Updates after spyware removal

I had an issue where a computer wouldn’t install windows updates after I removed some spyware and viruses on it. Specifically, I couldn’t get the computer to install one of the KB packs and it blue screened during a Windows XP Service Pack 3 install (scary). Luckily, Windows reverted itself correctly to SP2. After that scare I booted into safe mode and ran SP3. Success! Now windows updates are applying successfully again.

Dell 2335DN

I’m the proud owner of a Dell 2335DN multifunction printer. It is by far the best printer I’ve ever owned. It’s maxed out on RAM (384MB) and has the optional second tray. It is a night and day improvement over the 1815DN we were using. My favorite feature…the fax forward option. When a fax comes in it automatically saves it to a pdf and forwards it to me. Oh, that’s nice.