iPhone 4 Airplay issues

I’m having issues with airplay on my iPhone 4. When I come home from work I don’t get an airplay button when playing music. I’ve tried killing the music app, but no dice. Only thing that brings it back is a restart. Any ideas?

iPhone 4: Proximity Sensor sadness

Okay Apple. I like my iPhone 4, but I’m not willing to deal with this much longer. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. I saw the 4.0.2 update yesterday and was filled with joy…until I read what it addresses. Fix the proximity sensor soon…or I’m moving to Android.

iPhone – Application Updates

I get application update notifications on my iPhone ALL THE TIME. Often, it’s notifying me of an update that is older than the version I have installed. Also, the updates NEVER work. Help Please!!!

Update 11/4/2008: I’ve deleted the problematic apps on the iPhone, sync’d, then installed them through the app store in iTunes. So far so good.

Update 11/20/2008: Same problem again…

Update 11/24/2008: Dear Apple, thank you for firmware 2.2. Fixed.