iPhone 4 Airplay issues

I’m having issues with airplay on my iPhone 4. When I come home from work I don’t get an airplay button when playing music. I’ve tried killing the music app, but no dice. Only thing that brings it back is a restart. Any ideas?

iPhone 4: Proximity Sensor sadness

Okay Apple. I like my iPhone 4, but I’m not willing to deal with this much longer. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. I saw the 4.0.2 update yesterday and was filled with joy…until I read what it addresses. Fix the proximity sensor soon…or I’m moving to Android.

iPhone – Application Updates

I get application update notifications on my iPhone ALL THE TIME. Often, it’s notifying me of an update that is older than the version I have installed. Also, the updates NEVER work. Help Please!!!

Update 11/4/2008: I’ve deleted the problematic apps on the iPhone, sync’d, then installed them through the app store in iTunes. So far so good.

Update 11/20/2008: Same problem again…

Update 11/24/2008: Dear Apple, thank you for firmware 2.2. Fixed.

Treo 650 call waiting and hold call problems, here’s how I “fixed” it!

I was never able to use my call waiting function on my unlocked GSM Treo 650. It always froze up until one of the lines disconnected. Here’s how I fixed it:

  1. Call AT&T (I’m a former Cingular customer) and have them deactivate and reactive your call hold and call waiting features.
  2. Follow this URL and try out the instructions in the “Delete other software with a hard reset and data restore” section:
  3. I think some of my network/carrier/preferences databases had incorrect settings and/or were corrupted. I only restored the DB’s and apps I knew I wanted/needed.
  4. After all of this my call waiting is working as expected and I didn’t lose any data.

Using the latest Mobile Gmail app on a Treo 650!

Having trouble installing your mobile Gmail app on your Treo 650? Getting java.lang.Error? I was too…here is how I remedied it. (Updated 8/3/2007)

  1. Install the IBM Java VM using PalmOne Quick Install: http://www.palm.com/us/support/jvm
  2. Reset the phone by taking off the battery cover and tapping the reset button with your stylus.
  3. Install this version of the mobile Gmail application. This needs to be completed through the IBM Java VM that can now be found by selecting the Home button and selecting the All category. Select the install button and go to this address: http://gmail.com/app/v1.1.0/L1/gmail-g.jar
  4. Follow the prompts to install the application. Once completed the Gmail application should show up under the All category.
  5. Select the Home button and go to Preferences; IBM Java VM, and change these configuration settings:
    1. Check Use Double Buffering.
    2. Check Use high resolution coordinates.
    3. Don’t set anything for HTTP Proxy.
    4. Set Memory maximum to at least 4Mb.
    5. Set Maximum java thread stack size to 4kb.

    Make sure the Gmail for mobile application has these settings within the JVM. From IBM Java VM:

    1. Select Gmail -1.0.0.; Menu ;Permissions.
    2. Select HTTPS, and make sure to select Once when the application runs (session).
    3. Select HTTP, and make sure to select Once when the application runs (session).
  6. Go to Blazer and download the latest Gmail app: http://gmail.com/app
  7. Follow the instructions to install (Use the J9Exchanger. Select yes if you receive a message that it’s already installed.)
  8. Run Gmail and cross your fingers!