Anyone out there using monowall as a personal/professional firewall? I’m having great success with it on generic pc hardware and ALIX hardware. How does it compare to off the shelf solutions for you? Have a recommendation for a good pci wireless card to use with it?

Wireless Repeaters

Does anyone out there use them…or should say, use them well? I have one installed at a client location, but it helps fill the wireless gap that is their warehouse. I stopped in at a new client today and their old IT staff had a repeater sitting right on top of the wireless access point. Seems like a recipe for disaster. Care to share your thoughts?

Resurrecting a Pentium 4

Do you have an old Windows XP Pentium 4 computer sitting around that is slow and no one wants to use it? Bring it back to life! Here’s what I did to breathe some life into an P4 2.0Ghz HP Pavilion with 512MB RAM. It’s about $150 and is not for the faint of heart, but if you really want to make the computer usable again and are on a limited budget it just might be the ticket.

  1. Upgrade the RAM to the maximum (This Pavilion’s max was 1GB, check Crucial.com for your systems specs): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820141437
  2. Install a SATA PCI card (I used an Adaptec 1210SA I had laying around):
  3. **Boot and install the SATA card driver**  (VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. On a separate computer make an image of the existing IDE hard drive: (This thing rocks)
  5. You’ll probably need an SATA power adapter. You’ll definitely need an SATA cable.
  6. Restore image to a new SATA hard drive: (The Pavilion had a 60GB drive)
  7. Remove the IDE hard drive and install the new SATA drive. Boot it up!
  8. WOW