Outlook Today script error

Have you ever gotten a script error “278” when you click on Outlook Today? Today I ran into this issue. The solution was pretty easy for me. Here are my steps:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and select Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs)
  2. Select the Microsoft Office installation
  3. Select the Change button at the top of the list
  4. Select the Repair option

Once it was completed I was prompted to restart my computer and Outlook Today was working without script errors.

Can’t install Windows Updates after spyware removal

I had an issue where a computer wouldn’t install windows updates after I removed some spyware and viruses on it. Specifically, I couldn’t get the computer to install one of the KB packs and it blue screened during a Windows XP Service Pack 3 install (scary). Luckily, Windows reverted itself correctly to SP2. After that scare I booted into safe mode and ran SP3. Success! Now windows updates are applying successfully again.

Streamlining Vista

These are the performance tuning steps I usually take after a fresh install of Windows Vista:

  1. Disable System Restore
  2. Adjust for best performance (System Properties-Advanced Tab, Performance)
  3. Disable User Account Control
  4. Pick one or the other: Google Desktop or Windows Indexing (most Dell computers have Google Desktop installed by default)

These are great actions to take on slower and/or less graphically capable computers. Everything just seems to pop once these changes are made. Far more responsive…and much more of a Windows XP look and feel.

Windows Vista Movie Maker…how to make a DVD?

Well, I’m sorry to say it doesn’t look possible. If you like using Movie Maker to edit than you can just publish the movie as an AVI and import it into whatever software you want to use to author the DVD. Here’s how to make the AVI:

1. Click on Publish Movie
2. Select “This Computer”, Next
3. Choose your filename and where you want it to put the file, Next
4. Select More settings: DV-AVI(NTSC), Publish